On April 4, 2016 2:16:49 AM GMT+02:00, Akkana Peck <akk...@shallowsky.com> 
>Alexander Rabtchevich writes:
>> Grey icons from small theme become undistinguishable to me - they do
>> have enough contrast between background and image.
>Kevin Payne writes:
>> Can you be more specific about which Icon Theme you are having the
>low contrast problem with and what your system colours are, as the
>Small Theme will use your system colours there is no way to know which
>Icon Theme is going to work best for you.
>I have that problem with the Symbolic icons with all the Light or
>Lighter themes. When I first switched my initial reaction was "Why
>are all the Toolbox icons greyed out?!" Once I realized they weren't
>greyed out, they looked like that all the time, I tried to work with
>them, but I found that I really couldn't see the differences 

That's why there is the Symbolic-Inverted icon theme. Its icons are created by 
inverting the Symbolic ones (the reason why current GIMP builds take so long) 
and contrast quite well with the light themes.

>Another question about theme switching: every time I switch themes,
>my toolbox resizes to four icons across, so small that tooltips has
>to show a horizontal scrollbar for most tools. It has to be six
>icons across to avoid a scrollbar, and I always have to resize it
>larger after switching themes. Is this intentional, or should I file
>it as a bug?

You can shrink the toolbox down even further by switching the various icon 
themes. I'd say that none of the switching should change any window sizes.

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