I am not presently subscribed to any IRC or GIMP groups.  I have a Mac running 
OS X “El Capitan” version 10.11.4.  I have tried to install and use GIMP for OS 
X from the <> site.
When I attempt to run GIMP, I receive an error from the “gatekeeper” because 
GIMP is not from the MAC App Store or from a known developer.  
I am hoping there is a work-around for this or that this will be resolved in an 
upcoming release.  I am deeply involved in photography and in need of a serious 
“darkroom” application for processing the photos I take.  
To me, this means using GIMP since that has been what I have used when using 
UNIX, Linux, and Windows computers.  

Thank you very much in advance!
Michael Kirst <>

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