The great advantage of the bug-tracker is that it allows requests to be
handled in a structured way.  It is easy to find specific types of
enhancement requests in the bug-tracker and examine the priority they have
been given and the discussion that followed them.  Getting this information
from a forum is usually much more difficult.

It is quite reasonable to bring up enhancement ideas in a forum and discuss
them there until they are reasonably specific and coherent, but once that
has happened it is helpful to have an enhancement request created in the
bug-tracker.  If the developers don't like them, they can always be
classified as WONTFIX or NOTABUG.

On Sat, Apr 23, 2016 at 1:40 AM, Euri Pinhollow <> wrote:

> My point of view is: enchancements should be discussed on the forum,
> not in a bugtracker. Here is what DispCalGUI has:
> Mailing list is not exceptionally convenient for many people (myself
> included. I just mailed topic starter instead of mailing to the list
> thinking that replying to mail will get it done. I now pressed "reply
> to all") but may be still better than discussing enchancements in
> bugtracker.
> Imgaine that every user wants something new. Because of number of
> users being magnitudes larger than number of developers (who are not
> paid) and those willing to contribute the project is guaranteed to
> drown in requests.
> Bugtracker is for developers and they should pick doable tasks from
> forum themselves.
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