Am Mittwoch, 27. April 2016, 10:51:39 schrieb Elle Stone:
> Upon attempting to open my sample CR2 file from within GIMP (updated
> this morning) using the darktable plug-in, darktable does indeed open
> the raw file in the usual darktable window.
> However it's not obvious (at least not to me) how to then persuade
> darktable to transfer the processed raw file from darktable back to GIMP.
> Closing the darktable window does immediately transfer the processed raw
> file back to GIMP.
> Is there a more "official" way to transfer the darktable-processed raw
> file from darktable to GIMP?

No, that's how it's supposed to work: close darktable and wait for it to 
export the file that GIMP then opens.

> Best,
> Elle


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