Am Mittwoch, 27. April 2016, 12:00:32 schrieb Elle Stone:
> > On 04/24/2016 12:30 PM, Tobias Ellinghaus wrote:
> >> It's hardcoded to export 32bit float EXR
> >> as linear Rec709 after opening up your regular darktable. Did you
> >> manually
> >> select the Canon or Nikon format in the open dialog?
> It would be nice if the darktable plug-in were modified to allow users
> to choose their preferred output space.


> But currently darktable does seem to force output to be in the darktable
> version of linear gamma Rec709 (which isn't equivalent to GIMP's
> internal linear gamma sRGB color space -
> -, but hopefully this can be changed).

Should be fixed, see the other thread. Once you confirmed that the profiles are 
fine now we will release darktable 2.0.4.

> Right now GIMP is an "sRGB only" image editor. But this situation surely
> won't last forever. Having a raw processing plug-in that only allows to
> export in one color space (especially a color space that doesn't match
> the GIMP built-in sRGB color space) seems to be a step in the wrong
> direction.

The reason I chose linear sRGB is that

1) we are exporting to EXR as the intermediate file, so we need a linear profile
2) GIMP seems to work best with sRGB images so far, so I used the linear 
version of that.

I agree that it would be nice to have some choice there. Would default export 
to linear Rec2020 be better? Still hard coded, but a wider gamut. It seems 
GIMP asks about converting the colors anyway, so for people that want to work 
in sRGB that's just one click away.

Having a way to actually change the profile from darktable on the fly would 
require some changed to darktable that I don't want to do right now (pending 
release, breaking things, you know the drill). Eventually I will think about 
ways to fix that though.

> Also, only some GIMP operations are "sRGB only". Many operations work
> just fine using any RGB working space chromaticities.
> Presumably at least some GIMP users will sometimes want to edit their
> interpolated raw files in RGB working spaces other than sRGB, and GIMP
> does allow this to happen. So it doesn't make sense that the darktable
> plug-in prevents users from exporting the image in the user's chosen RGB
> working space.
> Best,
> Elle


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