That's really awesome! Thanks for your work!

On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 4:57 PM, Carmelo DrRaw <>

> Since a little while there is one more RAW loading plug-in available for
> GIMP, based on the PhotoFlow editor source code (
> <>)
> The plug-in works pretty much like UFraw, meaning that it gets called when
> GIMP tries to open a RAW file, and after the processing it writes back the
> image data into the GEGL buffer of a newly created GIMP image. However, the
> available functionalities are more complete than UFraw, and it also takes
> full advantage of GIMP 2.9 high bit depth capabilities by sending the image
> data in 32 bits floating point format.
> The PhF plug-in is already available as pre-compiled package for Ubuntu
> and derivatives though Thorsten Stettin gimp-edge PPA, and also included in
> the latest Windows and OSX GIMP 2.9 installers from Partha.
> Of course it can also be compiled from sources, in which case it is
> recommended to use the “stable” branch of the GitHub repository (
> <
> Presently I am working on improving the GIMP-PhF inter-operability. In the
> current version of the plug-in, not only the image data is sent to GIMP
> when the plug-in is closed, but also the RAW processing configuration. This
> configuration is stored as meta-data attached to the background layer
> created by the plug-in itself. Also, this meta-data gets stored in the XCF
> file when you save it to disk.
> The PhF plug-in can be executed again on the same background layer,
> through the Filters->Photoflow... menu shortcut. When you do so, instead of
> processing the layer itself, the plug-in opens again the RAW file and
> applies again the processing parameters as stored in the layer meta-data.
> The RAW processing can thus be further tweaked and saved back again in the
> same background layer.
> This functionality is currently only available when compiling the "stable"
> GIT branch from sources, and is not yet included in the pre-compiled
> packages.
> The goal is to provide a inter-operability between GIMP and PhF that
> somewhat resembles the one between PhotoShop and Lightroom...
> Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
> Best regards,
> Andrea
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