This issue is easily handled by other RAW loading plug-ins by intercepting the 
input files with .tif or .tiff extension and running the normal GIMP loading 
procedure in such cases.

Here is an example from the PhotoFlow plug-in, which was originally derived 
from UFraw:


> On 30 Apr 2016, at 16:33, Tobias Ellinghaus <> wrote:
> Am Freitag, 29. April 2016, 17:08:21 schrieb Mika Mantere:
>> The plug-in works great in importing NEF to GIMP, but now when I open some
>> TIF files in GIMP, it uses the plug-in in the same fashion as if I was
>> opening raw files in GIMP, i.e. launching darktable and upon exiting
>> exporting the file to GIMP as 32-bit EXR. This happens with some TIF files
>> but not with all TIF files. Is it supposed to do that?
> No, it is not. The problem is that most raw formats are TIFF files with some 
> extra data. For CR2 that's not a big problem, there is a way to recognize 
> them 
> (Canon was clever enough to have a unique magic for their files), other 
> formats 
> however can't be reliably distinguished from TIFFs. NEF is one of those. So 
> right now the code wrongly assumes that your TIFF is a NEF and sends it to 
> darktable. Until that is fixed you have to manually select the TIFF loader in 
> the lower left hand corner of the open dialog.
>> I do remember having trouble opening some TIF files in GIMP before, I think
>> some older TIF files with many Photoshop layers. This might actually work
>> better through Darktable, anyway :-)
> Happy coincidence. Maybe you can provide a sample file to bugzilla so someone 
> can have a look at properly supporting them in GIMP.
>> Thanks,
>> Mika
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