I've also been working on building Gimp for Windows simply because for one 
reason or another I have Windows on my main, faster machine, and I've wanted to 
get some of the latest bug fixes. I also wanted to fix - 

I tried the Linux cross compile using the wiki Mingw64 instructions. I was 
trying to retrieve the prebuilt library RPM's from, I think it's OpenSUSE, but 
that seems to be outdated. Now I have Code::Blocks setup to cross compile with 
MinGW-w64, I’ll try building those dependencies.

I'm investigating MSYS2. It looks like a good project and a lot of other 
projects seem to use it to provide releases for Windows, but its a slow to 
compile even with multiple threads set.  Some of those projects may use Python 
so they might be able to help with Python for Gimp.

I attach my current "autogen" and "make" outputs. I am building with most 
extras disabled as I just want to iron out the build process first.


Are you building from the main branch ?

Do you get a successful build with Python disabled ?


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