On Mon, May 9, 2016 at 10:47 PM, wwp wrote:
> Hello there,
> I wonder if the idea of a point-and-click tool to create guides could
> be a good one?
> The idea there is to directly create guides with a minimum number of
> clicks in order to speed up a production process. It is based upon my
> (long, subjective and perfectible) experience w/ the Gimp 2.x.
> The way of doing it could be, for instance: in one click you pick the
> create-guide tool from the side dock, then you click on the image:
> it creates a horizontal or vertical guide at this click's x or y -
> horizontal or vertical axis could be determined using ctrl or shift
> modifier. Clicking in the margin (outside the layer boundary) could be
> even more intuitive, up/down margin to create vertical guides,
> left/right to create horizontal ones, still for instance. While moving
> the mouse pointer with this tool, a "live" guide shadow could be
> displayed, in order to provide a visual clue about the guide location
> that you validate when you click to create it.
> Any thought?

Just to make sure I get it right...

Instead of

1. Hovering your mouse pointer over the ruler.
2. Clicking, dragging, and releasing the mouse button to create a new guide.

...you want

1. Hover your mouse pointer over the toolbox above the
'point-and-click tool' and click it.
2. Go to the location where you want a guide and use a modifier to
create either vertical or horizontal (or both) guides.

Unless I'm terribly mistaken, that's about the same amount of step in
comparison to something that has been around for years :) You you get
guide position preview too.

Hmmm? :)

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