> Am 12.05.2016 um 21:56 schrieb Michael Natterer <mi...@gimp.org>:
>> What is the purpose of this new option? It doesn't do the same thing
>> as 
>> going to Preferences and selecting "Color Management/Mode of 
>> operation/No color management".
> The prefs option is for display color management, and will soon
> only be a default for a per-display switch.
> The option in Image -> New allows to disable color management
> and whatever color management transforms on a per-image base.

Woooh, I can’t believe it! You’re saying that

> This is mainly because almost nobody understands what this
> whole color stuff is about at all.

Is this how you think about all the people who use GIMP? That almost none of 
them understands color management? 

May I remind you of your product vision? -> 

"GIMP is a platform for programming cutting-edge image processing algorithms, 
by scientists and artists"

Do you really think, that these targeted audience, your targerted audience, 
doesn’t know what color management is all a bout? Or, sorry to say so, is it 
that _you_ are the one that does not know waht different aspects of color 
management have to be taken care of in an image editor? 

> All (sic!) graphics artists
> I know and have asked switch off color management entirely
> in Photoshop because it's this confusing thing that changes
> colors in an unpredictable way  (which is not surprising
> given the cluelessness).

So, this is how you think about your target users? They are clueless? Your 
target users - professional artists and photographers - switch off color 
management, because it’s confusing them? Or is  it that the users _you_ know 
and the users who claim theirselves as professionals do not know what color 
manangement is and don’t know how to handle it?

So, may it be, that this - „all graphics artist you know … switch off color 
management - is the real cause why GIMP doesn’t have a working color management 
in 2016? You don’t know anybody who uses it and so you don’t see any need to 
implement it? 
Come on, let’s face reality. It’s 2016 and almost all software for image or 
photo editing I know is capable to handle color management. Yet GIMP 2.8.x is 
still broken in some parts….

Trust me, there are a lot, a really lot of professional users, artists, 
scientists and photographers - again I’ll remind you that these are your target 
audience as described in your product vision - who know what color management 
is about and who use it and want to use it in a correct and predictable way. 
Count me one of them.

> Most people dealing with photos do know their colors however
> and have it on, and have the right profiles.
> The sane choice way to let users disable it, rather than
> forcing it upon them

Well, this may be the sane choice for _you_ but, please, don’t tell others - 
your target audience: professional photographers, artists and scientists -  
what their sane choice has to be.

Simone Karin

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