Ooops, forgot to include system information: Ubuntu 16.04 (64bit), gnome
shell wm, gimp-edge ppa  (2.9.3)

On Fri, May 13, 2016 at 10:48 AM, C R <> wrote:

> Hey everyone. Really enjoying all the recent changes to GIMP in production
> work.
> One thing that's giving me click-anxiety is a slight bug:
> The default hotkey for increasing brush size is ctrl+alt+mousewheel, but
> using the eraser tool, once you erase something (click on the canvas) the
> hotkey seems to lose track of the tool it's on, and ever after holding
> ctrl+alt brings the eyedropper tool into focus instead of being able to use
> the mousewheel to change brush size.
> Steps to replicate:
> 1.Open image
> 2.Switch to Eraser tool
> 3.Hold ctrl+alt and use mousewheel to change brush size (works fine)
> 4.Erase something on canvas
> 5.Hold ctrl+alt again to resize brush
> Result, eyedropper tool appears for as long as ctrl+alt is held, and no
> brush resizing is possible.
> A temp fix is to click on the eraser tool again. This allows the correct
> behavior (until you erase something on canvas once more, of course.
> Thanks for all your hard work!
> -C
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