On Mon, 2016-05-16 at 17:26 +0200, Michael Natterer wrote:
> > 2. Relabel the option as "Assume this image is an sRGB image".
> That definitely not, but I will immediately add tooltips saying that
> it is the same as choosing sRGB.

Done, this should be more obvious now:

commit c0fb1362034fb4da24ee46a677f9833495ee6ca5
Author: Michael Natterer <mi...@gimp.org>
Date:   Mon May 16 17:41:04 2016 +0200

    app: add tooltips that mention that disabling color management ==
    Also say "better leave this enabled".

commit 335727dd267a44ac48fc4fdfa1678f7005fbb50f
Author: Michael Natterer <mi...@gimp.org>
Date:   Mon May 16 17:37:22 2016 +0200

    libgimpwidgets: change the tooltip of GimpColorConfig:mode
    to say "How images are displayed on screen." instead of "Mode of
    operation for color management.". The old text was never accurate.
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