Please ignore this bit, it's really beside the point, and is just me
thinking out loud. >

> It makes little sense to then have to change your hand position to apply
> the change with another hotkey, since we have already decided to focus it
> instead of the first item in the dialog, especially when the default when
> you press enter again is to do absolutely nothing. Also two shift keys are
> not always present, and tab works fine to move focus, so there's not much
> point in having Enter/Return focus the next box, instead of applying the
> change, which is intuitive. After all, enter commits the value, so it makes
> sense enter again will commit the dialog.

Thanks. :)

> On 20 May 2016 1:49 am, "Liam R. E. Quin" <> wrote:
>> On Thu, 2016-05-19 at 19:03 +0100, C R wrote:
>> > And yet hitting Enter/Return key to commit/save is standard here too,
>> > which
>> > is why there's a popup warning on overwrite in cases of overwriting a
>> > file.
>> Yes. (sorry for not being clear)
>> Whether enter commits the action in those cases depends on the focus
>> and autocomplete status, unfortunately.
>> I'd favour something like shift-enter doing the default action - still
>> one hand and not easily done accidentally.
>> I am not sure why Enter doesn't move from one text field to the next in
>> e.g. the Rotate dialogue - tab is needed instead. The Sun and AT&T UI
>> research led to the idea of pressing enter focussing each entry in turn
>> until you got to the OK button, and then applying it, but they didn't
>> study advanced image editors.
>> Liam
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