Hi Gez.

Gez (lis...@ohweb.com.ar) wrote:
> Although I share your shock, I think Michael is right. Almost nobody
> using GIMP understands color management, because there is virtually
> nobody using GIMP seriously, and probably nobody will because of this
> kind of design decisions.
> Instead of focusing on imagers devs seem to be focusing on eventual
> users who only use the tool once a month for scaling some photos and
> remove red eyes or making banners for online forums.

I don't understand your line of reasoning. Did you realize, that Mitch
has literally spent months to make color management actually work in
Gimp - i.e. cut'n'paste between images with different color profiles
attached, color managed color selectors etc. pp.

And now all this work is jeopardized, because he made a preferences
option to disable this stuff a little bit more visible? And we seem to
have troubles in finding a correct way to describe what this toggle
button does?

If this is your line of reasoning, then, sir, your priorities are messed


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