Elle Stone (ellest...@ninedegreesbelow.com) wrote:
> "Error while parsing '/home/elle/code/gimpdefault/install/config/devicerc'
> in line 7: unexpected character '-', expected number (float) - fatal parse
> error"

Yay, now the implicit assumptions crop up   :)

Thanks for spotting this.

> 2. From glib:
> When using GIMP, when the color picker picks an out of gamut color, glib
> prints to the terminal the following message:
> (gimp-2.9:1865): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: value "((GimpRGB*) 0xde2f30)" of
> type 'GimpRGB' is invalid or out of range for property 'color' of type
> 'GimpRGB'

This is not actually glib. Somewhere in the definition of GimpRGB we
apparently register one getter/setter function that errors when
encountering negative or >= 1 values. This needs fixing in gimp itself.

Mitch: is extending the range of GimpRGB harmless enough to do?

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