On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 6:19 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

>> Speaking as a digital painter (samples available upon request), I can tell
>> you the Pencil tool does not replace a pencil brush. In fact, the pencil
>> tool acts nothing like a pencil at all. :) Could re-name it the
>> "pixel-tool".... but it absolutely sucks at being a pencil in just about
>> every way it possibly could. ;)
> Perhaps you could list specific characteristics of a Pencil tool that
> would not suck? :)
> If the general idea is to make the Pencil tool (more) useful, pointing
> out existing deficiencies, then sketching a proposal would be a lot
> more constructive.

I think I'll elaborate here.

If the existing Pencil tool does not meet your expectations, perhaps
it would be wise to start from ground up.

Define/list characteristics of a pencil as opposed to a brush, from
artistic point of view.

The next step is a functional spec. When we have that, it's possible
to have a plan based on:

- which features (painting options) the tool is currently missing;
- which features exist and are never used;
- which features work differently than expected.

If there is no _design_, no _systematic approach_, then we probably
can't improve anything.

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