Hello everybody,

I would like to have a new functionality and I would like to submit to you this idea. I need an auto align layer tool (rotation and translation). Photoshop have it and I miss it a lot.

In fact, I think we could use and existing algorithm. Hugin, a panorama maker, have this function. And for example Luminance-HDR, an HDR picture maker, have an option to use Hugin algorithm to autoalign pictures before merge it.

I'd like to have a tool to do :

layer > auto align

and pow, it's done !

I look for a plugin to do it and I found some plugin to align layer. But they are not automatic enough and they only align layer 2 per 2. With an automatic tool, we could align many layer in the same time.

Do you think it is possible to have this function like Photoshop ?

Thanks a lot.

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