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> On 08/09/2017 07:31 AM, richard brown wrote:
> > But, I checked 'Preferences' and I was running 4 threads, and there's a
> > warning there about instability.  So, I tried putting that to 1, and, so
> > far, no crash.
> Hi!  We're trying to track down (and fix) as many threading related bugs
> as we can.  They're especially sneaky, so reporting these bugs helps us
> greatly.  Could you please file a bug report, explaining what you did to
> trigger the crash?  A backtrace at the point of the crash would also be
> very helpful: when you run gimp under gdb, type "bt" once gimp crashes,
> and include the output in the bug report.

To make the backtrace even more useful you can use these commands in gdb once 
GIMP crashed (just copy&paste them over):

set pagination off
set logging file gdb.txt
set logging on
echo \n=========\n\n
info threads
echo \n=========\n
thread apply all bt full

the result will be in the file "gdb.txt".

> Thanks :)
> --
> Ell


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