On Sat, Feb 17, 2001 at 08:47:55PM -0500, Robert L Krawitz wrote:
> Just thought I'd send a quick update on what we're up to with
> gimp-print.  In 4.1, we've done a major reorganization of our code
> base, creating a new shared library (libgimpprint.so) that
> applications (such as the print plugin, Ghostscript, and CUPS drivers)
> can link against.  The intent is that libgimpprint (which is not
> dependent on anything else, such as the Gimp, GTK, etc.) be installed
> as part of the underlying infrastructure that the print plugin can
> depend upon.  This raises questions of how to package it with the
> Gimp.  The Gimp could certainly distribute the whole package with it,
> but it's quite large.  It could also be treated like JPEG and only
> built if the underlying libgimpprint exists on the system.
> Suggestions?

There is a mechanism now in place to do this (I'm not sure if it made
4.1.4, but it's in CVS). If you run configure with --disable-libgimpprint,
it will check for the presence of the library using AM_PATH_GIMPPRINT
(which uses gimpprint-config), and will link with the installed version.
Currently the installed version must be >= the source version, and if the
library is not found, it aborts with an error:

if test x${BUILD_LIBGIMPPRINT} = xyes ; then

Could this integrate nicely with the GIMP? The GIMP configure could itself
use AM_PATH_GIMPPRINT, or just run the gimp-print configure with
--disable-libgimpprint (I would have to remove the abort-on-error here).

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