> > For Gimp 2.0, how much of it will be Bonoboized?
> We have not yet decided if we want to bonoboize something at all, but 
> mostly due to the fact that noone I talked to so far could explain what 
> this would mean in particular.

Bonobo support could come in many different shapes.  

A 60,000 feet picture of Bonobization could include:

        * Export GUI elements and GUI dialogs as controls that can be
          used by third party applications.

        * Export GIMP internals trough CORBA.

        * Compound document editing.

                Use the GIMP to edit in-place images in other
                Bonobo-aware applications (Gnumeric, Sodipodi,
                AbiWord, Evolution).
There are many other ways in which you can use Bonobo in the GIMP, but
this is a quick overview of the most visible features. 

        On controls:

                  The controls might be any special widgets or dialog boxes
                  that the GIMP has implemented that might be useful
                  in other applications (layers, color selector,
                  palette, brushes).

                  Exported controls could eventually be split out
                  (either because it makes sense, or because you want
                  to shrink the size of the GIMP).  Once the controls
                  are exported through Bonobo, other applications can
                  use it.   

                  Controls could then be used in applications like
                  Glade and embedded there.

        On exporting internals trough CORBA

                  The idea behind this is that the GIMP engine,
                  would be exposed through CORBA and it could be
                  scripted remotely through any of the languages that
                  support CORBA.

                  Using the Bonobo support also means that in the
                  future (we are working on some of this) the GIMP
                  engine could also be exposed through SOAP. 

                  Although the GIMP is already scriptable internally,
                  I believe there is no support for just using it
                  remotely.  With Bonobo you can mix various
                  components and script them all at the same time.

                  For example, you could use the output from a
                  computation in Gnumeric to generate a graph in Guppi
                  and then mix it up with some background in the GIMP
                  and produce graphs from this ;-)

For more information:

        Read my `Bonobo' white paper at:


        It is a bit outdated.  You might also want to read on the
`Monikers' document at: http://primates.ximian.com/~miguel/monikers.html

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