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> [For some reason this mail needed two days to appear on the list and
> then appeared three times. Is there a Problem with the new ML?]

the problem is that after the recent changes at xcf.berkeley.edu, the
mailserver did not accept mails from my domain anymore. For that reason
the mails stayed in the queue on my notebook. I have now changed my
setup to include a qualified hostname. Sorry for the duplicates...

> Well - It was a crazy idea on #gimp and definitely was fun implementing
> it. At the current state the rendering of the icon is done in the idle
> loop so it should not have a too deep impact on the performance.

Since we start to do almost all computations from the idle loop, putting 
useless stuff into the idle loop means you'll have to idle a lot to make 
The Gimp catch up with your changes. I hope your implementation at least 
connects to the image to get notified about changes instead of hanging
around in the idle loop all the time.

> I dont think that these icons are useless. They have the same size as the
> default Layers&Channels previews (we could make them the same size and
> so using the preview cache more efficient) and are recognizeable.

But most (all?) window managers scale them down to a tiny 16x16.

> We could of course change the policy like "update the icon when the window
> gets iconified" or "update the icon every 10 seconds" or something like that.


> And of course an option to disable them in the preferences should appear.

IMO the whole thing should go away, but if people like it, please make a 
preferences option to enable it.

Salut, Sven
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