The installed version of a plug-in can contain other files than just the
executable, e.g. help files and locale files.
When the user has root permissions these files can be installed on the
standard locations for the system, but where should these files be
installed when that is not the case?
The most logical place appears to be ~/.gimp-x.x/myplugin/.
An alternative is to group help-files and locale info for all locally
installed plug-ins together in ~/.gimp-x.x/help and ~/.gimp-x.x/locale.
A related problem is how to find the local installation directory for
the user, in ancient times this used to be ~/.gimp but this was changed
(in 1.1?) to ~/.gimp-x.x. Gimptool does not return this directory even
though it uses it for --install. So I would like to propose that a
--gimpdir option be added to gimptool (It is a bit difficult a the
moment because gimptool just mysteriously vanished from CVS). 


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