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On Wed, 21 Feb 2001, Nathan C Summers wrote:
> Having plug-ins available to run on other hosts would be nice.  Think  
> a gimp farm.  CORBA would seem to be an ideal solution to all of these 
> issues.  Can CORBA handle the large amounts of data transfer gimp     
> requires at least as efficiently as the gimp protocol does?
        I don't know what the gimp protocol is - clearly for _massive_    
chunks of data, shared memory is the only way to go. Vladimir has a nice  
CORBA interface for dealing with setting up shmem chunks to do this I
think for his video editing toy. 
        The IIOP protocol is ( to my mind ) very efficient, I don't know  
how efficient the gimp protocol is but here are some details: 
        * endianness aware - endianness is passed as a flag on the message
        to avoid redundant swapping
        * alignment is per type, char - 0 -> double - 8, binary encoding
        on the wire - ie. just dump the &variable ( aligned right ) to the
        * strings, sequences have an associated 32bit length               
        * sequence<octet> allows big chunks of data to be transfered with
        only a long length being associated.
        What else can I say - it's pretty efficient. No hint of slow ->   
xml type translation in the way. It is a nice protocol.



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