> I submitted patches to resolve the following for 1.2.0 but they were
> not included in 1.2.1. Any chance of them getting merged in?

Are you sure you submitted them? I have never received an email that
you did (I get the ftp-admin mails and you are supposed to send one
if you upload anything) and I can not remember having seen a patch
like this in incoming.

> 1. HP-UX 11.00 does not have finite() but does have isfinite() as a
>    macro in <math.h>
> 2. If --with-included-gettext is specified, need to
>    -I$(top_srcdir)/intl
> 3. Fix for AM_WITH_NLS on Solaris (upgrade to latest serial #108)
> I have uploaded the patch to:
>   ftp://ftp.gimp.org/incoming/gimp-1.2.1-hpux-nls.patch

I can't see it there.

If the patch is not too large, I suggest you include it in an email 
and send it to this list. That way everyone can have a look at it,
it's easier to comment it and it will get applied quicker.

Salut, Sven

PS: IMHO we should change the policy for patches. Handling them via 
FTP has never worked that well. Patches should go to the list 
(preferably with the word [patch] in the subject) or/and to bugzilla.
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