On  6 Mar, Nick Lamb wrote:

>>  We should really start discussing which dependencies would be
>>  acceptable to introduce. I'd really like to see gconf for
>>  configuration files and freetype2 for fontrendering to get rid of
>>  the X dependency and the all time sucker "standard font tool". And
>>  I'd like to evaluate ORBit as alternative to the wire protocoll as
>>  well as (optional) bonobo for embedding of GIMP into other
>>  applications.
> Is it possible to push font rendering (entirely) into a plug-in and
> give that the freetype2 dependency?

 Theoretically yes. However how would one without X installed switch
 to the texttool as plugin.
 We first have to address this item before your idea would solve the
 problem. However I like this idea very much...


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