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> Can anybody explain why:
> - palettes are copied to user dir?
> - palettes are resaved every time you use them (use, not change, or at
> least it seems so)?
> Would not be better to have them like the other data, in a common dir,
> and then save to user dir only if changed, and with a new name like
> "Foo (Edited)" or "Foo (User version)"?

historical reasons

> Just ideas about making the system coherent and less complex to use.
> It will also make additions or changes faster, common files are always
> common, no need to mess with user files.
> Uum, following the trend, why are other data fixed? It would cool to
> be able to click on edit (most dialogs have a "Close" button, "Edit"
> fits in the rest of space) and save modified versions to user dir
> without having to locate the file, copy & rename and then edit.
> AAh, it will be nice to have "Refresh" in all applicable dialogs, so
> changes can be seen on the fly. Not all of them have it, it seems to
> be exclusive, "Refresh" or "Edit" (brushes seems to be the exception).
> Is this unification planned in (or a natural derivation of) Gimp 1.3
> reworkings? (I update CVS, but have not compiled / used it in a long
> time)

All data in Gimp-1.3 is already derived from a common object and is
handled equally. Dialogs to handle the data share almost all of their
code, so the user interface for all data objects is consistent too.
I strongly discourage you however from trying to work with current 
gimp from CVS HEAD. It should become useable again in a few months.

Salut, Sven
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