On 11 Mar, Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero wrote:

>> I strongly discourage you however from trying to work with current 
>> gimp from CVS HEAD. It should become useable again in a few months.
> Who said work? Install 1.3, test a bit ("oh it loads, oh it paints,
> new color selector, booom, crash, yipe! core!"), reinstall 1.2. One
> thing is working with it and another looking how is going. :]

 Uhm, you misunderstood. There's not much one can do at the moment:
 Some tools are still missing and the rest is far from working like
 before as the tools are being objectified at the moment, the same
 is happening to the brushes, pattern and gradients and then the 
 composition functions will be replaced. It's like trying to drive
 a car that only has 2 wheels... but if you really want to try... :)



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