[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-03-12 at 1402.54 +0100):
> > The messages from this mailing list have a [Gimp-Developer] prefix
> > attached to their title and it is quite annoying. Please remove it if
> > possible.
> I would find the lack of that prefix annoying, to be honest. For one, 
> it gives me a good way to filter my mail, and not just automatically: 
> I like to be able to see beforehand what a mail is about. That is 
> what a subject line is about. What is it exactly that annoys you?

I guess similar to me: I classify mail in boxes, so [Foobar] in
mailbox Foobar only wastes space. But as Sven said, there is procmail,
supposing it is avaliable for your system, installed and you are
allowed to run it (sometimes it is not avaliable for your OS or the
admin is not nice). Or a similar system based based on mail app
features (I dunno the situation of, ie, Pegasus or Outlook, sorry).

This is a valid example (I know there is a better way with one rule as
header filter, and then use another rule to deliver):

# Remove [] and deliver to gimp-devel box in one pass
* ^X-BeenThere: gimp-developer
| /bin/sed -e '/^Subject: /s/\[Gimp-developer\] //g' >> gimp-devel-list

On the other hand, it would be nice to have a switch in the mail
server config so users can choose it, like some lists that allow
digest mode.

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