[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Miles O'Neal) writes:

> I'm forwarding this back to the gimp-developer mailing
> list; you should have an answer soon.  Sorry - I have
> been out of town.
> -Miles
> |Thank you for authorizing; I have another question : I read that The Gimp is
> |available in french.
> |
> |1 - Is it true ?
> |
> |2 - If it is, how can I get this french version ? Well in fact I've only a
> |56 K modem and it's not possible for me download about 25 Mo ...
> |Does exist a patch to put an english version (I've got one in a french
> |magazine) to a french version ?


there is no "french" or "englich" GIMP version because all the
translations are already included.

LC_ALL=fr_FR gimp

(or whatever the correct environment variable on your system is)
will start GIMP in the french locale.

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