On Mon, 19 Mar 2001, Johannes Zellner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I just compiled gimp from the CVS sources. Here are just two remarks:
> 1) Some of the Tool buttons are missing, is this intended ?

Yes.  As announced on GIMP News (http://www.xach.com/gimp/news/) by
Zach Beane on the 15th of January, the CVS version is currently *very*
unstable and should not be used except if you are a developer.
Several developers (mostly Sven and Mitch) are rewriting large parts
of the code, so for the moment you will only get less features than
the 1.2.x version (not more features like 1.1.x compared to 1.0.x).
It will probably take several weeks or months to get something stable
and usable.

> 2) One of the following gcc switches makes gimp crashing
>    on startup with an 'illegal instruction'.
>     CFLAGS='-freg-struct-return -funroll-loops -malign-double -ffast-math 
>    I didn't figure out the specific switch, because I've a
>    rather slow machine and compiling gimp takes pretty long.

Oh well...  On my old Pentium PC at home, it takes about 3 hours to
compile everything from scratch.  I learned to be patient...

I do not know which switch causes the problem, but "-funroll-loops"
and "-malign-double" should be safe.  "-ffast-math" should be safe as
long as the code does not try to do stupid things like sqrt(-1).
Maybe one of the other options is causing the problem.  Just a wild
guess: this could be related to the new MMX code, or some other
asm-optimized code that could be upset by "-freg-struct-return" or by


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