Chuck Mason <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> A couple days ago I went browsing thru the gimp TODO for things, 
> well, to do.

You should stay with TODO.xml. TODO is outdated and unmaintained and 
not really a list of stuff todo, but rather a list of some good and
some bad ideas that have come up over the last years.

> I came across the crop tool idea (the one that mentions blending/filling
> with colors etc.) and decided "hey, that wouldn't be too hard." 

I've got the impression you implemented something different than what 
is mentioned in the TODO. The TODO mentions a GUI-only feedback during
the process of selecting the area to be cropped. This means temporary
shading (or filling) the areas outside the selected rectangle somewhere 
in the compositing pipeline to give the user a better impression of 
what the result will look like.

Did I get you right, that you thought about filling the region outside
the cropped area permanently as an alternative action of the Crop tool?
If so, I doubt this is a useful addition, since this can easily be
done by using rect-select, invert-selection, bucket-fill.

Salut, Sven
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