On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, Seth Burgess <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I agree about your goal of exporting all functionality
> through the PDB.
> However, the *_cmds.c files are auto-generated by the
> tool pdbgen.  Changing the files in the pdb directory
> would be the proper fix; your patch requires someone
> to reverse engineer what you've changed and add it to
> the pdb file.  This will happen eventually, but its
> much faster to send a patch to the correct file in the
> first place.  

I was about to send the same reply, but you were faster...  It is not
the first time that a well-meaning user sends a patch for the *_cmds.c
file instead of a patch for the pdb files.

> For this and some other hints, please read HACKING.

Unfortunately, the HACKING file is not part of the Gimp distribution.
It is only available if you are using CVS, and many people are sending
patches from the source tarballs, so they do not have access to these
instructions.  It could be a good idea to include the HACKING file in
the standard distribution, so the people who do not use CVS can still
send useful patches (there are various reasons why people do not use
CVS: they do not know about it, they do not want to use it because the
current version is unstable, or they simply cannot use CVS at all
because a company firewall prevents them from accessing the server).


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