Matthias Kleine wrote:
> Example: I am using a webcam to observe an area. In this
> area, a red object is moving around. Now, the webcam is
> delivering images to some client program (gimp plugin?). This
> program now should calculate the current position of the object
> in the observed area.
> Question: How could this be achieved most easily? Which format
> would be best? How could the algorithm look like?
> I would appreciate any hint.
> Matthias Kleine

Well, I'm not sure whether this should be on this list, but here goes
anyway. In the first frame you would simply scan the entire image for a
red spot. There's probably a maximum size you have, so check in a circle
around the spot you found whether it is not red (to filter out large red
objects and see only the small red spot). Then in subsequent frames
start searching at the previous positions and search in a spiraling
pattern to get to the next one quickly.

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