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> On Friday, 23 Mar 2001, Christoph =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Hinterm=FCller?=
> wrote:
> I would rename xsane to xsane.real and replace it with a shell script
> wrapper which does something like:
> #!/bin/sh
> set -e
> /usr/local/lib/xsane/xsane-startup
> xsane.real "$@"
> /usr/local/lib/xsane/xsane-shutdown
> No gimp hackery required.
> The two scripts xsane-startup and xsane-shutdown can contain whatever
> commands are needed to initialise and turn off your scanner etc.
> Austin

Thats not quite what i want
I want gimp to use the wrapper as plugin instead of the pure xsane
and not only as sturtup helper :(
I want  gimp to call the wrapper scriped everytime a user selects xsane fro
aquire menue, in order to detect an just truned on scanner and make it
accessible via xsane, but if the scanner was not turned on or turned off neither
gimp nor xsane should mention the availiability of the scanner

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