Jason Maskell ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> ERROR: wta to car (errorobj 123324) - Ok, the 123324 is one of my arguments,
> but is the error message supposed to be in English?

I am not sure, what exactly "wta" stands for, but at a first glance
I'd say, that you try to do something like (car 123324), but car
is only possible on lists and cons.

> ERROR: wta(1st) to quotient (errorobj 150) - Again, one of my args, and
> another nonsensical sounding error message..

I'd need to look at the script to actually see whats going on here.

> I looked through the developers Script-Fu FAQ, and a lot of the script-fu
> links are dead.. And I see no good reference to returned errors anywhere -
> anyone have a URL?

Sorry, not really.

> Also, someone mentioned this earlier - does Gimp's batch mode processor
> support color arguments like '(120 120 120)? Or do they need to be converted
> into longs?

No, no - '(120 120 120) is perfectly OK for color arguments.

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