Wolfgang Mueller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I would like to introduce you to Deepika Sikri (sounds formal, huh?)
> who will be writing a plugin for the GIMP, that will enable the GIMP
> to use the GNU Image-Finding Tool for retrieving images. 
> For this project, we would both like to know the following:
> Are there any special coding standards to follow? Or do we apply the
> usual GNU coding standards? 

We use the GNU coding standard throughout the Gimp. The file HACKING 
as found in the GIMP cvs tree contains some more details about the
GIMP Hackordnung.

> Is there some review procedure (if yes, which, and on which criteria?)
> for getting such a plugin into the gimp distribution?

Our plan for 1.4 was to introduce a new plug-in distribution scheme
but not much has been done in this area yet. If the plug-in seems 
like a useful addition and you'd like it to live in the gimp CVS ask
for inclusion as soon as you have something ready.

> Do you have any comments on the plugin tutorials which are out there?
> Do you recommend a special one? Deepika and I, we are both newbies in
> GIMP-land. 

I recommened having a look at the gimp-plugin-template module available 
from CVS. It's a nice template for setting up the source tree for a 

Salut, Sven

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