Just a quick question.

I did get this working, but I want to be certain of one issue.  The PDB 
function is file-jpeg-load, but I have to spell it file_jpeg_load in my const 
char * which I pass to gimp_run_procedure.  Is this the standard, are all 
functions o fthe form xxx-xxx-xxx really xxx_xxx_xxx, or are all hyphens 
really supposed to be underscores?



On Thursday 29 March 2001 05:12, you wrote:
> Mark ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > What is the PDB function call to automatically open a jpeg from within an
> > extension?
> "file-jpeg-load"  (surprise!)  :-)
> This returns an image ID and you need to do an "gimp-display-new" (and
> probably a "gimp-displays-flush" is a good idea).
> There is also a "gimp-file-load" which is not limited to jpeg.
> For the exact parameters have a look at <Toolbox>->Xtns->DB Browser.
> It might be an interesting idea to implement this as an own filetype,
> similiar to the gzip/wget-filetype. So you can save your image as
> (e.g.) fooimage.jpg.db and it gets stored to the database and
> Gimp's "Save" Function automagically does the same. Have a look
> at the gzip-code to learn how to register your plugin for this
> functionality.
> Bye,
>         Simon

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