Sven Neumann wrote:
> what kind of desks are that where there is no ruler, but credit cards,
> photos, film, CDs etc.? I guess we will run into a lot of trouble
> trying to find a suitable item that is available on everyone's desk
> and is guaranteed to have the exact same size no matter where you live.
> If you ask me, people should spend the money they save by using Gimp
> to buy a ruler. Actually I do not think that anyone who cares about
> her images having the exact screen resolution does not own a ruler.
> Salut, Sven

I used a ruler.  It was in my desk.  I don't have a nice enough monitor
to worry about.  It was hard to do because of the back lighting and the
curve. I would have liked to use a piece of 35mm film, soft and
translucent.  I don't really need it to be so accurate, but mine was
really really off.  My squares look square now.  I thought it was an
illusion from the window decoration, but it wasn't.

But I believe the concern was of monitor surfaces. 

I like to hear of international standards, also.
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