Hi all,

A friend of mine who uses perlfu and scriptfu a lot was complaining a
little to me recently that there is no document which summarrises the
API changes between 1.0 and 1.2 which is causing his older scripts no
end of trouble.

Is anyone working on such a delta document, or does one exist? Would it
be possible to get it added to the standard 1.2 tree, if it does? If it
doesn't, are there any plans to write one?

He was also wondering when libgimp will become stand-alone for C, perl
and scheme - in his words, he'd like his scripts to use the GIMP's
functionality, rather than the GIMP using his scripts (a la
ImageMagick). Sven tells me this is en route in 2.0 - I only mention it
here to find out a little of what's involved in getting it done, and
what stage things are at now.

Thanks a lot,
Dave Neary.

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