On , 2 Apr 2001, Gene Heskett wrote:

> out is that the work screens default render is now set to a 50%
> scaledown.
> For what little work I do, this isn't desirable.  Loading the same pix
> into gimp and scaling it back to to 100%, then compareing the same pix
> loaded into EE makes gimp look pretty bad.

I don't really understand what your saying here.

There are two issues you mention, which aren't terribly related:

  1) the default scale factor
      This is automatically decided so as to ensure the image fits on
      the screen.  If you load a big file, then it will be < 100%.  If
      you load a small file, it will be 100%.  Is this not happening
      for you?

  2) rendering faithfulness
      Gimp used GdkRGB to reproduce colours, and I've always been very
      happy with the results.  In what way does EE make gimp look
      "bad"?  Are there jaggy edges?  Pixelation?  Colour casts?
      Scaling artefacts?  What do you mean by "bad"?

Maybe you could post a (small!) screen shot showing us both gimp and
EE viewing the same image, for comparison purposes?

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