I have just moved the patch gimp-china-010306-0 into the patches 
directory on ftp.gimp.org (sorry that it took so long, but I have
been quite busy lately). The README says:

  This patch fixes the following issues with GIMP 1.2.1:

  1. HP-UX 11.00 does not have finite() but does have isfinite() as a
     macro in <math.h>
  2. If --with-included-gettext is specified, need to
  3. Fix for AM_WITH_NLS on Solaris (upgrade to latest serial #108)

Apart from the fact that the patch changes some autogenerated files 
which is of course bogus, it looks good to me, but I'd like to get 
some feedback from people using Solaris and HP-UX before it gets 
applied. If you have access to such a machine, could you please apply 
it, rebuild gimp and give it a little testing. Once it gets applied, 
we should consider doing a 1.2.2 release probably including the 
updated HTML help files from the gimp-help CVS module.

Salut, Sven
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