On Friday, 6 Apr 2001, Ernst Lippe wrote:

> Sometime ago I wrote a piece of code that can handle neighborhoods
> without fetching tiles twice. I needed this because I was applying
> convolutions where I needed a neighborhood of say 20x20. Basically what
> my code does is maintain a buffer that holds two rows of tiles plus some
> extra for the vertical neighborhood. It handles those nasty details like
> adding borders and fetching tiles. It works for my plugin but it must
> still be documented and some missing features must still be implemented. 
> There are several filters where it could potentially be used, so if
> anyone is interested I could try to clean it up.

Actually, the core could do with a tile convolution, since currently
it copies data into a tempbuf before convolving it.  This makes some
tools more effificient (or incorrect) eg iscissors.

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