Ulrich Windl ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> When I aquire a screen shot (e.g. gnuplot "plot sin(x), cos(x)" without 
> decorations), and then convert the RGB image to indexed using the web 
> palette, no dithering and removing unallocated color cells, and then 
> save the image as PNG with maximum compression (and all options 
> checked), netscape has a problem displaying the PNG:
> The black pixels all appear white in Netscape, while in Amaya or xv the 
> appear OK. I made PNGs the same way with older versions of GIMP, not 
> having that problem.

This is a bug in Netscape. If you selecht black as background-color
and check the "save background color" Button in the PNG-Save dialog,
they should appear correctly.


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