As Ville pointed out, there's no alternate color-space support in Gimp 1.x
so it is not possible for the TIFF loader (which is maintained by me) to
simply import the raw CMYK data from the TIFF. The same applies to LAB
or any other colorspace with a non-trivial transform to RGB.

Instead, libtiff is asked to convert the data on the fly to RGBA. The
problems you're seeing (upside down image, progress is inaccurate/ non
functional) are due to limitations on (a) the libtiff APIs and (b) my
investment of time needed to work around them.

Some future version of this loader might do a better job, or some future
version of the Gimp might support CMYK, in any case I'm sorry but this
probably won't be resolved during the 1.2.x series.

To find out more about your TIFFs get "tiffinfo", probably included with
recent versions of the tiff libraries.

PS The dialog box who's contents you don't remember warned you that this
would happen - read the warning dialogs!
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