Shlomi Fish <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi!
> I hope everyone are back from CeBit, because I have a patch which I really
> want to be added to GIMP 1.3.x.

Yeah, CeBit panic is over. Sorry for not answering earlier.

> The patch in question is named Gradient-Fu and it exposes the
> functionality of the gradient editor to scripts and plug-ins, enabling the
> accurate creations of gradients systematically.
> It can be found here:
> Please let me know what you think.

IMHO this would be very nice. Manipulating gradients is currently
a GUI only thing and cannot be done via the PDB. That's bad.

However we want to clearly separate the UI from the core functionality
all over the GIMP app/ source.  For the gradient stuff, there is already
a separate gimpgradient.[ch] which is independent of any UI stuff, but
this new object still has no methods at all to actually manipulate the
gradients. This is all still done in the gradient_editor.

Would you consider updating you patch for 1.3 so that it

a. adds no editor state to the gradient object
b. does separate the actual gradient manipulation code out of the


The problem is that we will never reach the core/ui separation goal
if we accept new patches which break this.

It would be highly appreciated if you could take on this problems
when updating your patch for current CVS because we definitely want
PDB-controllable gradients.

(There will also be nobody keeping you from e.g. hacking a generic
FG/BG gradient or other stuff ;-)

keep on hacking,
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