David Baker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I posted this on the [gimp-users] list yesterday and got  no responses.
> So I thought that I would try here...
> I'm running Gimp 1.2.0 on IRIX 6.5 (SGI O2).
> When I use "Screen Shot" the colors are incorrect. For example, lets say
> I capture the index page of www.gimp.org. The navigation bar is a
> pinkish color - it's normally light blue. This applies to every colored
> object in the captured area, not just the navbar. However, if I use
> "snapshot" and save it as a *.rgb file the colors look fine. Any
> ideas???

The Gimp's screenshot plug-in is just a frontend to xwd (which comes
with your X server) and the xwd plug-in (used to load the file xwd 
creates). So either xwd is broken or the xwd plug-in does not handle
the particular flavour of the xwd file format your version creates.

Salut, Sven
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