I'm trying to do something with Gimp that is perhaps a little unusual.
This is causing me a problem, but I'd like to know if it can be overcome
easily. I'm using Gimp 1.2.0 on a Sun SPARCstation with Solaris 8.

I would like to create a bitmap (.BMP) with Gimp that can be read by a
scientific application I have written. This application looks for
specific colours such as red (0xff0000), black (0x000000), white
(0xffffff) and green (0x0x00ff00). 

I need to create an image that uses these colours and *only* these
colours. However, when I draw a red circle using pure red, on a pure
white background, the edges of the circle are pink, containing some red,
and equal amounts of green and blue. 

Likewise if I create a small bitmap (say 5 x 5 pixels) and set these
pixels to the values I want, expanding the image in Gimp creates pixels
of intermediate colours. 

I appreciate this is more aesthetically pleasing, but Gimp's
interpolating colours is causing me a problem. Is there any obvious way
to stop colour interpolation ? 

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