I have a small suggestion for the handling of bug reports and bug fixes:

Whenever you commit a bug fix in CVS and this bug was reported in bugzilla,
do the following things:
- In the commit message (and Changelog entry), include a reference to the
   bug number.  For example: "Added a test around the while loop (fixes
   bug #52385)."
- After this, go to bugzilla and add a one-line comment to the bug report
   indicating in which branch the bug was fixed.  For example: "fixed in
   CVS HEAD" or "fixed in gimp_1_2 branch".  You can also mark the bug as
   closed/fixed while you are adding the comment.
This will ensure a better synchonization between CVS and bugzilla.  It will
also help people to know when a bug was fixed and when it can be expected
to appear in a released version (the message in bugzilla has a timestamp).
And someone who looks at the entries in the CVS log cab get more info about
why a change was made by looking up the corresponding bug report.

This is what I am doing at work and it makes it much easier for everybody to
trace the bug fixes.  Actually, when a part of the code is in testing / bug
fixing phase before a release, nobody is allowed to commit or merge any
changes in the release branch unless the commit message contains a reference
to a bug report.

This has already been done by some developers in previous Changelog entries,
but it would be nice if all of us could take care of this when committing
bug fixes in CVS.


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