I am trying to help Daniel (and others, hopefully) by dealing with the bug
reports in bugzilla.  This means confirming recently submitted bugs, replying
to some questions, asking for more information about incomplete bug reports,
and so on.  But some of the bug reports are platform-specific and I can only
test the bugs related to Solaris and Linux.

When there is a bug report mentioning Windows, IRIX, HP-UX or another OS that
I do not have, I usually leave this bug unconfirmed, hoping that someone else
who has access to this OS will take care of it.  Unfortunately, there are
several reports (especially for Windows) that have been left in this
unconfirmed state for several weeks.  It would be nice if someone who is
using the Windows version of the Gimp (or HP-UX, Tru64, ...) could have a
look at the unconfirmed bugs and check if these reports are valid or not.
You do not have to fix the bugs yourself (but it would be nice, of course!),
but simply tell me if the reports can be confirmed and promoted to "new".

Here is how you can get the current list of unconfirmed bug reports:
There are currently 39 bugs that have not been confirmed yet.

Of course, if your bugzilla account allows you to change the state of a bug
report, then it is even better to confirm the bug directly instead of sending
me an e-mail about it.  It is also a good idea to check if the severity of
the bug was set correctly.  For example, "blocker" should only be used if the
program does not compile or does not start at all; if it compiles but it
crashes after a while, then the severity should be "critical" or "major".  I
know that the severity of some Windows bugs should be changed, but I did not
do it because I usually do that only when I confirm the report.

There are also some unconfirmed bugs that are not platform-specific or that
are related to an OS that I use, but I did not have the time to test them.
I would appreciate some help with those as well.  If you know that one of
these reports is correct (or not), then please confirm it directly or send
me a mail about it.  Thanks!


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