On 2001.05.02 16:30:24 +0200 Sven Neumann wrote:

> > I am trying to get the copied selection in thegimp
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> Gimp does not use the X clipboard at all. Since we use 
> GTK+, the clipboard is used for texts, but as far as I 
> know, no other data types go through the clipboard.
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> There's no way for you to get the contents of gimps 
> internal buffer thru X since it is not broadcasted.

I am not a plugin developper, but would it be possible
to write a plugin or- a module for thegimp that passes
or sets the data of the internal gimp-buffer available 
to other applications ? Or should I not even think about
trying to write something like that? Or is it way to
difficult anyway.. ? Or maybe other suggestions ?

Philip van Hoof aka freax (http://www.freax.eu.org)
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